Golden Rule is here to service your pest and termite control and extermination needs. Whether it's to exterminate a current infestation, or provide preventative maintenance service to keep pest infestations under control year-round, we're here to help.

Some common unwanted pests are discussed below. Give us a call for an inspection and to discuss the best options for termite extermination, control and maintenance, pest control and weed control for your home and yard.


Termites cause over $250 million dollars in damage per year in the United States alone. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material generally in the form of wood or plant matter and cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests.


Termite Warning Signs & Identification

Indications you may have a termite infestation:

  • A swarm of winged insects in your home or from the soil around your home.
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or wallpaper.
  • Interior or Exterior wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams or in crawl spaces.
  • Wings that have been discarded from swarmers.

Termite Prevention

To make your home a less attractive target for termites:

  • Remove any wood piles.
  • Check the wood in and around your house.
  • Repair leaks where water is entering the home.
  • Divert water from around your house.
  • Remove excess ground cover and mulch from being against exterior walls.

If you see evidence of termites, give us a call 817-771-3864


The two most venomous spiders in North America are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow.

brown recluse spider and black widow spider

Where they Live: Spiders can usually be found indoors in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, garages, basements and cellars. Outdoors, spiders can be found in storage houses, in wood piles and under bark or stones.

While spiders may be in these areas, you can decrease your risk of bites by:

  • Shaking out clothing or shoes before dressing.
  • Wearing gloves when gardening or handling firewood or pine straw.
  • Wearing shoes outdoor.
  • Eliminating as much clutter as possible in storage areas.
  • Vacuum around windows, corners of rooms and under furniture.

Have unwanted spiders? Call us 817-771-3864

Bed Bugs

bed bug

Bed bugs are small, elusive and parasitic insects that live strictly by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. The name 'bed bug' comes from the infesting of houses and especially beds or other areas where people may sleep.

Bed bugs are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts. Bed bugs normally try to feed every five to ten days, but can go dormant for lack of food, living for up to a year.

Ant, Ants and More Ants

You've seen them... in your yard, in your kitchen and maybe even in your closet. But which type of ant is it? Here are a few:

fire ants, odorous ants, pharaoh ants

Ants are everywhere. Every time you spray or bait or bomb they come back with a vengeance. It seems there's nothing you can do to get rid of these pesky pests.

That's where Golden Rule Pest, Termite & Weed Control comes in. Give us a call and we'll help you take your house back for these pest and keep them under control.

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