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You buy a newly-built custom home. Everyone in the family is so happy and excitedly settling into their new spaces. Then, one night, your four-year-old daughter wakes you up, saying that something bit her. When you look in her room, you find fire ants. Thankfully, only one made it to her bed to bite her, and she will be okay.

fire ants

The story above is what happened to one of our clients. The fire ant colony was living in the wall of their daughter's bedroom. New homes are built in empty areas, and that's the fire ant's territory - it's where they live. Many builders don't do any pest control on new homes, and new homeowners wait too long to have their yards treated.

We drilled pin-sized holes into the wall and sprayed a non-repellant foam to kill the ants living inside the little girl's bedroom. It takes about three days for the colony to die. We also treated the yard and the perimeter of the house.

If you have just moved into a new home, contact us. We'll do a free inspection and advise you on how to keep your family and your investment safe.

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