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It's easy to understand the reasons for wanting to keep mosquitos under control. At the very least, mosquitoes are a nuisance. Enjoying time in your yard is difficult with mosquitos buzzing around and biting you. In addition, some types of mosquitos can spread germs like Zika and West Nile. In the United States, there are over 200 types of mosquitos, and of those, roughly 12 spread germs.*

mosquito on human skin

These are the reasons we offer our Golden Rule's Mosquito Control Programs. For yards with little to no vegetation, the spray treatment is applied about every 30 days. However, when there is a lot of foliage or a natural water source on the property, biweekly treatment is the way to truly control the mosquitoes. These frequencies are needed because we're dealing with a flying insect.

We do a very thorough job of treating the entire area, especially all the places where mosquitos can hide, such as trees, shrubs, and mulch. We use two products, Nygard IGR and Cyzmic CS. These are microencapsulated and long-lasting.

I'm treating my yard every two weeks, and it's working. I know it works because my wife hates mosquitos, and she's very happy with the results.

You'll never get rid of all of the mosquitos because, well, they fly and can come into your yard from untreated areas around yours. However, you can control the mosquitos so that they don't make your life miserable.

Contact us about our mosquito control program today.

*Statistics from "Why Is Mosquito Control Important?"

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