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Dan had squirrels in his attic and wanted them gone. The squirrels had chewed a six-inch square hole through the attic vent, and they were nesting in the insulation near the vent. Dan replaced the damaged attic vent with a new plastic one, and the squirrels chewed through that one too.


Dan called us. We put out big squirrel traps on the floor of the attic, checking them each day. After two weeks, we didn't catch any squirrels. We moved the squirrel traps so that they were inside the house attic vent. We started catching squirrels. When daily visits were no longer necessary, we did weekly visits until we solved the problem.

Dan purchased a metal attic vent to replace the second plastic one that the squirrels had destroyed. When we were no longer catching squirrels, I stayed to help Dan install the new aluminum vent. He is an older gentleman; he's retired military. I'm so glad I stayed because it was a difficult install. It's at a difficult angle of the roofline, and you hold up the shingles with one hand, hold the vent in place with the other hand, and then hammer in the nails too. That's more hands than he had on his own. It took us about an hour to put the new vent in place. He's good to go!

The squirrels are gone. Dan's happy.

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