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It's bizarre this year; rodents are sticking around even through the summer.

We got a call from one of our long-time customers, Sharon. We've been her pest control service provider for 18 plus years. Sharon said that they have a rat living in the garage. It's an unorganized garage, and there's a bag of corn in it. No doubt the rat came, then stayed for the corn.

Norway rat, aka brown rat

Sharon has a nice car, and the rat chewed through the brake line. In addition to being a scary thing, it cost $900 to fix the rat-caused damage of the car.

When I arrived, Sharon said that the rat ran into the water heater closet in the garage. I caught the rat and removed it from the premises. It was over a foot long, including the tail. It was a very fat, very happy, Norway rat. I put out bait stations to kill any additional rats. The rodents go into the bait station and eat the bait, then they go away and have a painless death. Dogs and cats can't get to the bait inside the station because the holes are so small, and the station is locked up. Only Golden Rule Pest, Termite, and Weed Control has the key.

If rodents have moved into your space, contact us, and we'll move them out.

You buy a newly-built custom home. Everyone in the family is so happy and excitedly settling into their new spaces. Then, one night, your four-year-old daughter wakes you up, saying that something bit her. When you look in her room, you find fire ants. Thankfully, only one made it to her bed to bite her, and she will be okay.

fire ants

The story above is what happened to one of our clients. The fire ant colony was living in the wall of their daughter's bedroom. New homes are built in empty areas, and that's the fire ant's territory - it's where they live. Many builders don't do any pest control on new homes, and new homeowners wait too long to have their yards treated.

We drilled pin-sized holes into the wall and sprayed a non-repellant foam to kill the ants living inside the little girl's bedroom. It takes about three days for the colony to die. We also treated the yard and the perimeter of the house.

If you have just moved into a new home, contact us. We'll do a free inspection and advise you on how to keep your family and your investment safe.

As their name implies, yellowjackets are yellow and black. While yellowjackets are important predators of insect pests, sometimes they nest in less than ideal places.

yellowjacket wasp

We received a call from the manager of an apartment complex. Yellowjackets built a nest inside the exterior wall of the workout room of the complex. They were entering the wall through a hole around the steel plate of the outer door.

When away from their nest, yellowjackets are very slow to sting. However, they are territorial, and they become very aggressive when their nest is approached or bothered. They will sting threats to their nest, even multiple times. That's a bit of a problem when the nest is in a building wall near a door.

We arrived at the apartment complex early in the morning when it was nice and cool so that the yellowjackets would not be as active. As soon as the sun starts coming up and they get warm, they are more active. We wore bee suits to protect us against stings. We cut a three-foot square area in the interior wall to locate the nest, remove it, and kill all the yellowjackets. It was a three-layer nest. Yellowjackets of the type we removed build their paper nests in the ground or other protected areas.

If you have yellowjackets or other wasps, contact us, and we'll remove them for you.

It's September! Fall fertilizer and weed control time is here. It's time for us to apply the pre-emergent spray and our professional-grade granular fertilizer.

girl and dog enjoying lawn

Our amazing clients on our subscription service are already on the calendar and ready to go. They get to see us every six to eight weeks. We apply fertilizer, pre-emergents, and post-emergents, depending on the season and the yard conditions. This time of year especially, we don't put out too much post-emergent because it can stress out the grass and kill it. We even treat cracks in the driveway to keep weeds and things from growing there.

Not already a client of ours? No worries. The first step toward having a beautiful lawn is to give us a call for a free estimate. We'll review your property and set up a plan for the coming year to apply fertilizer, pre-emergent, and post-emergent. Then, our technician will work out the correct watering times for your irrigation system to have the best result. Contact us today to learn more.

We have a new product we are using for killing fire ants. It's Taurus® Trio G, and it's registered for use by licensed applicators. One of the wonderful things about Taurus® Trio G is that it provides full-season protection against fire ants. It works for six to eight months. It kills the mounds, AND it prevents new mounds. Yes, you read that right. This fire ant treatment provides residual fire ant control.

fire ants png

Taurus® Trio G is a granular product that is sprinkled on the ground and then watered in. It is safe for pets to go into the area after the fire ant treatment is watered well. It is effective against fire ants, mole crickets, fleas, and ticks. It works great!

Have fire ants? Are you tired of spot treating fire ant mounds repeatedly? Contact us, and we'll give you a free estimate for treating your yard to keep those fire ants out.

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