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It's September! Fall fertilizer and weed control time is here. It's time for us to apply the pre-emergent spray and our professional-grade granular fertilizer.

girl and dog enjoying lawn

Our amazing clients on our subscription service are already on the calendar and ready to go. They get to see us every six to eight weeks. We apply fertilizer, pre-emergents, and post-emergents, depending on the season and the yard conditions. This time of year especially, we don't put out too much post-emergent because it can stress out the grass and kill it. We even treat cracks in the driveway to keep weeds and things from growing there.

Not already a client of ours? No worries. The first step toward having a beautiful lawn is to give us a call for a free estimate. We'll review your property and set up a plan for the coming year to apply fertilizer, pre-emergent, and post-emergent. Then, our technician will work out the correct watering times for your irrigation system to have the best result. Contact us today to learn more.

We have a new product we are using for killing fire ants. It's Taurus® Trio G, and it's registered for use by licensed applicators. One of the wonderful things about Taurus® Trio G is that it provides full-season protection against fire ants. It works for six to eight months. It kills the mounds, AND it prevents new mounds. Yes, you read that right. This fire ant treatment provides residual fire ant control.

fire ants png

Taurus® Trio G is a granular product that is sprinkled on the ground and then watered in. It is safe for pets to go into the area after the fire ant treatment is watered well. It is effective against fire ants, mole crickets, fleas, and ticks. It works great!

Have fire ants? Are you tired of spot treating fire ant mounds repeatedly? Contact us, and we'll give you a free estimate for treating your yard to keep those fire ants out.

What pest are folks calling us about most right now to treat in their home and yard? It's fleas. The fleas are horrible right now.

Fleas live by consuming blood from a host animal. Unfortunately, our beloved furry pets are often their target. Fleas are tiny (roughly 1/8" long), their bodies are flat-ish and usually brown. They don't have wings, but they do have strong hind legs and can jump a distance that is 50 times their size. Feline fleas are the type we have in our area. Fleas - they jump, and they bite. Not pleasant.


"I think I have fleas." That's a common first statement from our callers this time of year. So we set up an appointment to look at the problem to see what is going on and plan accordingly.

In the yard, we use Nygard IGR liquid as a spray to treat flea infestations. We use granules if our client only needs a flea preventative. We use granules, especially if the pets are already being treated and only have a few fleas, and the homeowner wants to treat the yard. We go back in 14 days to keep in line with the gestation period of the fleas. Usually, just two treatments are needed.

For flea infestations that are bad inside the home, we do a liquid spray treatment. When treating the inside of the home, everyone and all pets need to be out of the house for three to four hours. All belongings need to be up off the floor. We spray the floor, couches, and beds, also under all the furniture. Sometimes just one treatment is enough. The most important thing to do is to vacuum the floors and furniture. Vacuum both before the treatment and one week after the treatment.

If you think you have fleas, give us a shout and we'll check it out.

It's easy to understand the reasons for wanting to keep mosquitos under control. At the very least, mosquitoes are a nuisance. Enjoying time in your yard is difficult with mosquitos buzzing around and biting you. In addition, some types of mosquitos can spread germs like Zika and West Nile. In the United States, there are over 200 types of mosquitos, and of those, roughly 12 spread germs.*

mosquito on human skin

These are the reasons we offer our Golden Rule's Mosquito Control Programs. For yards with little to no vegetation, the spray treatment is applied about every 30 days. However, when there is a lot of foliage or a natural water source on the property, biweekly treatment is the way to truly control the mosquitoes. These frequencies are needed because we're dealing with a flying insect.

We do a very thorough job of treating the entire area, especially all the places where mosquitos can hide, such as trees, shrubs, and mulch. We use two products, Nygard IGR and Cyzmic CS. These are microencapsulated and long-lasting.

I'm treating my yard every two weeks, and it's working. I know it works because my wife hates mosquitos, and she's very happy with the results.

You'll never get rid of all of the mosquitos because, well, they fly and can come into your yard from untreated areas around yours. However, you can control the mosquitos so that they don't make your life miserable.

Contact us about our mosquito control program today.

*Statistics from "Why Is Mosquito Control Important?"

Termites are fascinating little creatures, but not when they are in your home.

Mike called us when he started doing the remodel on a home. Mike is an investor who buys, remodels, and sells homes. He and his crew found termites, lots of them when removing drywall in a house. The termites were eating the paper lining of the drywall. I should say, they were feasting on the drywall paper. Termites eat wood, and they eat drywall paper because it is made from wood.

termites eating sheetrock paper found during home remodel

The termites were everywhere in the whole house. (Mike probably didn't have the house inspected before making the purchase.)

After looking over the property and discussing the findings, Mike bought our perimeter plus treatment. This treatment includes drilling and treating the areas of all interior pressure lines, which are plumbing lines. In the kitchen, a pilot hole is drilled through the inside of the cabinet. Then a concrete bit is used to drill at an angle to get to the plumbing access point to treat the soil because that is where the termites are. We drill through and treat the soil under all exterior or dirt-filled porches, slab joints, and exterior concrete. For slab-foundation homes like this one, the soil around the house's perimeter is trenched and treated. (If a home has a crawl space, we crawl underneath to trench and treat around each pier. Pier and beams are easier because you can directly see the termite mud columns coming up.)

With the perimeter plus treatment, Mike receives a one-year warranty on that initial treatment.

We also offer a Golden Rule termite protection plan where we perform annual termite inspections. If termites come back to the property, the yearly protection plan payment covers the total cost of the spot treatment for new termites.

Contact us for a termite inspection of your home or our other pest and weed control services.

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